TV and Film


The film, based on my ten-minute play Bomb Disposal, was directed and co-produced by the wonderful and talented Nick Bolton. The film was the first venture for newly founded FeverPitch Entertainment run by my chum Steve Fanale and our excellent DOP was Jonathan Adams,  who is currently making the web series Relativity.

  • Director: Nick Bolton
  • Cast: Deborah Bradshaw, Paul Miskimmon and Simon Dooley.
  • Producer: Kate Toon.
  • Executive Producers: Kate Toon, Steve Fanale and Nick Bolton.
  • Assistant directors: Steve Fanale and Scott Grimley.
  • DOP: Jonathan Adams.
  • Editors: Carlo Ledesma and Jonathan Adams.
  • Music: Francis.

Dreams of Evolution

“I can think of nothing sadder than a goldfish in a bowl. Swimming in tight circles, such a lonely soul…”

These are the opening lines from Dreams of Evolution, a poem that features in my crowd funded poetry book Gone Dotty. We’ve all pondered the existence of a goldfish in a bowl. Maybe this goldfish will help us ponder our own existence and encourage our own dreams of evolution turn into reality.

Dreams of Evolution from FeverPitch Entertainment on Vimeo.

  • Writer: Kate Toon
  • Director: Nick Bolton
  • DOP: Jonathan Adams
  • Producer: Nick Bolton
  • Narrator: Kim Knuckey
  • Sound Operator: Nick Bolton
  • Props: Nick Bolton
  • Editor: Steve Fanale
  • Grading: Jonathan Adam
  • Cast: Hercules II
  • With thanks to Emma Newman, Jim Hodgson, Toby Levins


Callback was envisioned as an eight part, thirty minute black comedy/romance/drama. I like to think of it as ‘The Secret life of Us’ meets ‘Extras’.

Roisin always wanted to act; Dan decided last week. Neither of them have had much success. Then they get the call for the hottest audition in Sydney – to appear in the new Cate Blanchett movie, ‘The Female Factory’, which tells the story of the infamous Parramatta jail through the eyes of one heroic woman.

As their paths cross with increasing regularity, Dan and Roisin begin to realise they just might be made for each other. But after receiving the biggest call back of their lives, will they forget to make the only call that matters?