Wobbly Jim
AND A parrot named Sue

The Ultimate Pirate Tale!

Small friends can make big allies. Wobbly Jim is the tale of a pirate with a wooden leg and a taste for dolphin wee. His is a story of triumph over adversity, friendship, loyalty and adventure.

“Love this hilarious children’s book! In fact, it’s one of very few books that my husband and I both look forward to reading to our toddler (over and over again). ”

Stephanie Ward

Age range: 0- 8 (Or 88 !!)


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Once there was a pirate and his name was Wobbly Jim.
He used to have two legs but a shark took one from him.
So now his leg is wooden and it doesn’t fit quite right.
He polishes it with honey, then takes it off at night.
Jim sails the mighty oceans on his boat, ‘The Merry Cow’.
It’s painted black and white, and has udders on the bow
He eats barnacles for breakfast and has seaweed for his tea.
And he washes it all down with a pint of dolphin wee.

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“I kid you not, my 8 year old son read and re-read this book 6 times in one sitting, laughed out loud and started listing people who needed to read it – I recommend it to anyone at any stage or age!!!”

Tasha Lawton

“How great is it when a book that looks and sounds so cute reveals itself to have a beautiful message? We all loved reading about the unexpected and enduring friendship, and especially loved the extra giggles for us Mums waiting to be found in the illustration. The imagery is lovely, and the illustration has a lovely old-school feel.”

Kate Buckland

“Wobbly Jim’s ship crashes after he meets a parrot called Sue. Can they work together to fix it?

It was a very enjoyable book. It was also very funny and is a good book to read to my cousins. It’s one of their favourite books!

Kids who like pirates will love this book.”

Zac Khalinsky

Best kids book ever. My lad loves it more than you can imagine.

Matt Deighton

This is a gorgeous book that kids of all ages will enjoy, especially any pirate crazy kids. The illustrations are delightful and it’s a fun story with a lot of giggles.

Melissa Gijsbers


Got this book through the Pozible crowdfunding and absolutely love it. Have read it every night since we gave it to my daughter for Christmas, often more than once! Funny, rhyming, rhythmical and fun for mum and dad to read too. 

Can’t wait to give my nephews a copy for their birthday coming up!

Billy Jean

A quirky, gently-rollicking story of a pirate, his ship, a new friend, an old friend, & some seriously giddy foodstuffs make it all a great story for the young ones. It’s cleverly written, & long enough to keep it interesting for an older pre-schooler, while the illustrations are beautifully presented & will engage all readers as the story unfolds.

For the not-so-young, the illustrations are a joy because they reference adult book genres, current culture, & have some fresh takes on piratical standards. Clearly the author & illustrator worked closely together to create a seamless final book that is a joy to look at, a good size for reading whilst holding a child in your arms while you turn pages & point out the details in the words or pictures, as well as a jolly good romp of a story.

A treat for young & young~at~heart alike, this is a vital addition to the fiction bookshelf of your home.

Annetta Mallon

I was lucky enough to read The Tale of Wobbly Jim and a Parrot named Sue as part of a Goodreads Giveaway so a big thanks to Kate Toon for the opportunity. This, however, only influenced this review in that I took small notes throughout my read to provide a more thorough description of my experience. 

This is one of the best children’s fiction books I’ve read in a while! The story is exciting, swashbuckling and rollicking, the rhymes are hilarious and the illustrations are perfect. The characters are adorable and their quirks are brilliant. I would really recommend buying this book for new parents and it will quickly become a favourite. My husband read along with my son and I and describes the book as delightful. It’ll end up on our regular shelf for certain. 

I’ve compared it to the recommendations for choosing a good children’s fiction book in the Mem Fox book ‘Reading Magic’ and I think it’s up there. The rhymes allow children to guess the word that’s coming next, the text makes sense and it’s easy to make this book fun and enjoyable to read. 

I’m so glad I was the lucky winner of this book and I hope it’s as much of a success as it deserves to be. Fantastic effort




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My original drawings and how they were transformed into beautiful illustrations by Will Pearce.


Kate Toon is a copywriter, SEO lover, podcaster and author living on the Central Coast with herhusband, son and her furry muse, Pamplemousse.
She’s written several plays, some short films, a TV pilot, a business book – The Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur and my book of daft poems ‘Gone Dotty’. Her writing inspirations for Wobbly Jim include Roald Dahl, JRR Tolkien, Julia Donaldson and Spike Milligan.
Will Pearce is a Senior Graphic Artist with News Corp. When he’s not working the night shift producing the next day’s Daily Telegraph, he’s wrangling his four offspring to various sports events and enjoying his wife’s fine cuisine. Will used to do daily political cartoons for the stable of Rural Press newspapers before taking on a senior Graphic Artist role with SMH and then the Daily Telegraph.


A collection of snaps from Wobbly Jim fans.



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