How to turn your services and skills into high-profit, low effort digital products


“At long last, an honest, inspirational and achievable approach to creating passive income online.”

Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths

International Bestselling Author


“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”
Warren Buffett

Are you tired of exchanging your time for money?
Do you wish you could work less and earn more?

I’ve been there and that’s why I turned the skills I’d learned as a successful freelance copywriter into digital products with minimal effort. Within a few years I was making a million dollars a year without even changing out of my pyjamas.

Kate Toon - Six Figures While You Sleep

In Six Figures While You Sleep, I’ll explain how you can transform your service-based skills into lucrative online products – from coaching and courses to digital downloads, memberships and masterminds.

Will it be an entirely ‘passive’ income? No.
Will it be highly profitable? Absolutely.

No matter what your industry or skill set, you can say goodbye to the 9-5 grind and instead use this book as a blueprint to successfully create and grow a lucrative online, digital product business.
I’ll walk you through the positioning, processes, pricing and profile building – explaining the tech, the marketing, the sales tactics and how to keep customers coming back for more.
Most passive income books sell an impossible dream, not an implementable reality. Instead in
Six Figures While You Sleep I’m giving you a reality-based, doable plan – that doesn’t require a rich partner, generous parents or a massive bank loan. I provide a refreshing, complete and practical guide to creating a high-profit digital business by doing what you know and love and help you stop selling your time for money.


“Kate Toon’s book is honest, smart and genuinely helpful. This is a practical realistic guide to building a diverse, digital product passive income business that supports your lifestyle.”

Suzi Dafnis – HER Business
Suzi Dafnis

“Six Figures While You Sleep’ aligns perfectly with the core principle I advocate as a financial adviser: elevating income is essential for wealth accumulation to become financially independent. Kate Toon offers more than inspiration; she delivers a practical guide for turning your expertise into profitable digital products. This book is a great resource for anyone aiming to find ways to elevate their income to better their financial future.”

John Cachia

Founder & Strategic Wealth Adviser B.Bus (Fin. Risk Mgmt), Dip. FP & Dip FMS.

“Reading your book has made me excited about my next steps. It’s also shown me that there were previous projects I attempted where I was in fact on track, but had missed a couple of key steps and gave up too early. This book has helped me realise that I do have the skills, expertise and knowledge to create something meaningful, and to make it successful.”

Lauren Moxey – Moxey Creative

“I read this book cover to cover 3 times. I work in this space everyday so I now how helpful this book will be. You can go from woe to go following the simple straightforward steps at the end of each chapter. What I really love is the unpacking of often confusing concepts and bringing them all together simply so you can make your first, or maybe even your 100th, digital product.”

Jennifer Gale – Pink Hat Digital

“I loved it! Six Figures While you Sleep is the perfect guide to help me take the next step in my business. It was easy to read and followed a logical path, with really clear examples, instructions and tasks. I loved the inclusion of Kate’s own experiences, shared generously in her trademark fun and approachable style.”

Angela Pickett

“Kate Toon’s done it again! ‘6 Figures While You Sleep’ is your roadmap to building passive income through course, memberships, and other digital products. Packed with practical advice and delivered with Kate’s trademark wit and wisdom, this book will transform your business and your life!”

Justine McLean – Flossi Creative

“There’s so much realness in here I love it! Kate cuts through all the fluff and noise out there about how easy it is to achieve six figures while swanning about on an island. She gives you easy to understand real world actionable steps with her trademark humour. Buy it now you will not be disappointed.”

Stephanie Holdsworth – Allerchic
Six Figures While You Sleep - Workbook

Six Figures While You Sleep Workbook

Bought the book? Download a FREE copy of the Six Figures While You Sleep Workbook.

This 36-page interactive PDF workbook is packed with ideas and prompts to make the most of your Six Figures While You Sleep book. Use it as a guide to follow along while you read the book and to complete the exercises at the end of each chapter.

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Kate Toon is an award-winning entrepreneur author, speaker, educator, podcaster, and parent to one human and one fur baby. From her humble backyard shed she masterminds an ambitious business universe, helping thousands of other humans to build their own version of success through digital marketing business know-how.


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