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Gone dotty

Angry dog walkers, depressed goldfish, poo haikus and backyard stalkers. Gone dotty is a collection of silly and sad poems inspired by the little things in life that can be enjoyed over a cup of tea and a bun.

“Delicious … funny, quirky, moving little bites of everyday life that hit the mark, every time. Do yourself a favour – read these!”

Charlotte Calder

Dreams of Evolution

I can think of nothing sadder than a goldfish in a bowl.

Swimming in tight circles, such a lonely fishy soul.

With your tiny bulbous eyes, that pine to see the sea.

Longing for a little lover, to share your dull eternity.


All you have for company is a silly plastic weed.

Nothing to look forward to, except tomorrow’s feed.

Some pathetic grubby pebbles form your universe’s base.

I see nothing but depression written on your orange face.


Is your memory so short that this all seems brand new?

Or is that 18-second thing entirely untrue?

Do you ever go to sleep in the darkness of the night?

And dream of evolution, growing wings and taking flight?


Such iridescent beauty, you’re the bauble of the sea.

And if you were my finned captive, I’d be sure to set you free. 

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“Thanks Kate, for your quick wit and quirky sense of humour. I am proud to have played a small part helping your book reach eager fans and new readers. My wife is reading it now on the couch. I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on it yet, but from the chuckling beside me, its a success!”
Luke Flanagan

“Loved It. What a funny, relatable and real poetry book. Thanks SO Much! It’s not often that you get transported so many places while guided by such an original perspective. Awesome!”
Kate Buckland

“From sweet to sour, Kate’s anthology shifts from deep to funny so quickly. It has it all! Executed by an extremely talented poet. I can’t wait to read more”
Eliza Hull

Australian Poetry

“Splicing together the colours to life in words, the poems of ‘Gone Dotty might’ find you giggling a little too loud in a public space or brought to tears in the space of a poem or two. A little something for everyone, the author, Kate Toon, introduces us to a wide range of characters, locations, situations, and emotions, in each a woven yarn. Just add caffeine, chocolate, and imagination.

From beginning to end, ‘Gone Dotty’ will leave you hungry for more dumplings like these, by Kate. Read and ask for seconds…”


““Fresh, living, full of rhyme and rhythm, Kate’s poems are funny, clever, light and deep. They’re about the delights, disgusts, loves and challenges of everyday life – from babies, old age, dogs, ducks and goldfish, to bogans, hair, fat and feet! Accessible and contemporary, a book to have on your shelf and dip into any time.”
Meredith Gilmore

Coast FM 963

““I’m not surprised that such a great playwright and author of perhaps my favourite short play – SushiWushiWoo – would be an excellent poet as well. This anthology is well worth a read.”


Pete Malicki

Short+Sweet Theatre International

“Today, I found myself making all the facial expressions that only weird passengers have while reading on a train. Smiling, giggling and even tearing up… a memorable, evocative (and provocative) read that you will want to share.”

“There is something for everyone in this gem of a book from the very talented Kate Toon
i have quite a few favourites and i feel that they all come from the heart of the moment…”


Christine Rushmer


Displayed Price is GST inclusive where applicable.