Angry dog walkers, depressed goldfish, backyard stalkers and poo haikus. A collection of silly and sad poems inspired by the little things in life. To be enjoyed over a cup of tea and a bun.

‘‘From sweet to sour, Kate’s anthology shifts from deep to funny so quickly. It has it all! Executed by an extremely talented poet. I can’t wait to read more.’’
Eliza Hull, Australian Poetry, Cafe Poets Director


“Delicious … funny, quirky, moving little bites of everyday life that hit the mark, every time. Do yourself a favour – read these!”
Charlotte Calder, Children’s Writer and Author of ‘Stuck’


‘‘Fresh, living, full of rhyme and rhythm, Kate’s poems are funny, clever, light and deep. They’re about the delights, disgusts, loves and challenges of everyday life – from babies, old age, dogs, ducks and goldfish, to bogans, hair, fat and feet! Accessible and contemporary, a book to have on your shelf and dip into any time.”
Meredith Gilmore, Coast Arts Presenter, Coast FM 963


‘‘I’m not surprised that such a great playwright and author of perhaps my favourite short play – SushiWushiWoo – would be an excellent poet as well. This anthology is well worth a read.”
Pete Malicki, Literary Manager of Short+Sweet Theatre International



Wobbly Jim is the story of a pirate with a wooden leg and a taste for dolphin wee.

His is a story of triumph over adversity, friendship (with a parrot called Sue), loyalty and adventure. You can help us bring his tale to life!

I wrote Wobbly Jim a few years back for my son (now nearly 4). I wanted to create a strong story, with real characters but also a little absurd humour. So many kids’ books are far too worthy and dry for my liking.

Will, my friend’s husband, read the story and liked it so much he sat down and drew Wobbly Jim. His picture was so close to what I had in my mind it blew me away.

The Wobbly Jim story was good enough to get me signed to premier literary agency Curtis Brown. They shopped it around to all the big publishers, but while they loved the writing, the response was universal, “We don’t do pirates”.

So, Will and I decided to be brave and self publish. Scary stuff!

Pozible funding

We raised the funds for Wobbly Jim via a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible – you can read more about it here. We’re incredibly grateful for everyone’s support, we quite literally couldn’t have done it without you!

Will Pearce | Illustrator

Will has been in the Graphic Art and Design industry for over 23 years.

In that time he’s worked for News Limited, Fairfax and Rural Press. His day to day work involves creating infographics and designing pages on a computer for the newspaper.

Before all of this he used to draw freehand with a pencil and pens, mainly cartooning and caricatures – and now he’s trying to re-connect with my pencil again.