Stay Tooned Ltd is the official name for all things in the Tooniverse.

It incorporates my three businesses:

As well as my online communities which are home to more than 20,000 other misfit business folk.

(There’s also my website from a previous life:, but that’s more there as a museum piece than an active website.)

What started out as a solo pursuit from my front room, and then migrated to my fabulous backyard shed (#Tooncave), has now grown into a thriving business cul de sac, with a team of 12 talented subcontractors, a 7-figure revenue, and more than 700 paying business members and 12,000+ course students.

But despite the growth, the bags of cash and the adoring fans (cough) I still work in my undies in my shed most of the time, sustained only by coffee and dry shampoo.

My Mission

We’re always being told we need a ‘why’ for our business, and a reason for existing.

And at its core, my ‘why’ is simple: I want to make a bit of money, spend time with my son and never work for ‘the man’ again.

Over the last few years my mission has become clearer.

My team has grown, my business has boomed, and I’ve realised there’s a reason people keep coming back to sip from the Fountain of Toon.

People who’ve felt like they don’t quite fit into the traditional ‘business world’, and need help demystifying confusing business places.

Small businesses who want to grow, and reach their ideal customers. Without being shitgibbons about it.

And a gang (viking warriors each and every one) of people who want to hang out with business owners like themselves – the ones who are funny, quirky, smart and looking to find the fun in building their own thriving biz.

So my mission is:


My values are what I stand for, what I think it means to be a decent business human.

At their core they’re build on taking my business seriously, but not taking myself too seriously.

Those images of glossy-toothed, white haired entrepreneurs in pencil skirts are exhausting.
I’m scruffy, eccentric, and proud.

So my values are:

My Business

So here’s how the Tooniverse is structured.

I created this fancy little organogram to help people see how all the business pieces of the puzzle fit together. Every piece is aligned with my mission and values, and plays a part in helping other misfits #bemoreshark.

Stay Tooned April 2023


The Clever Copywriting School

A community which helps other copywriters flourish in business – it includes a membership, directory, job board, shop, courses and an annual conference, Copycon.

The Recipe for SEO Success

An SEO education hub with courses, resources and a podcast, which has helped more than 10,000 other humans grapple the Google beast.

Kate Toon is home to the Digital Marketing Collective membership, helping small businesses build success with digital marketing – through training, mentorship, coaching and collaboration.


Here’s the current Team Toon:

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