Diana Todd is a registered tax agent and the founder of Balance Tax Accountants based in Perth, Western Australia.

Awarded the 2020 WA Practice of the Year by the Institute of Public Accountants, Balance Tax Accountants is a cloud-based tax accounting firm working with small business owners from start up to growth and scale.

Diana’s goal with Balance Tax Accountants has always been to take the stress out of tax for her clients.

In this Masterclass, Diana will discuss:

  1. Getting your foundations set up right. Separate your business money from your personal money. Get to know your business structure, and set things up accordingly.
  2. Money Mindfulness. Make Monday Mondays or Finance Fridays your jam so you don’t go a week without looking after your business money.
  3. Invoicing tips and tricks to get paid FAST and the MOST!
  4. Use software to make tracking your business numbers a breeze. As you grow, call in a support team to help you.
  5. What are the TRUE costs of running your business? Know how much it’s costing you to serve your customers and your break even point.
  6. Cash flow tips. Plan for a rainy day. Pay yourself first. Build wealth outside of your business with super and investments.


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