Nerissa Bentley uses credible, evidence-based, accessible health content for peak bodies, national organisations, and global companies, so they can connect with patients and the wider community, so they can be seen as the trusted health authority in their field.

Companies she’s worked for include Cancer Australia, Bupa, TerryWhite Chemmart, and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Most of us dream of working with a big client — think national brand or a global corporation.

But many of us get the jitters when they come knocking on the door.

Imposter syndrome rears its ugly head and we either run away or get tongue-tied when speaking to them.

But you can get over this fear, pitch to the client, AND win them over.

What you will learn in this Masterclass:

  • You’re not liaising with a big company. You’re liaising with a normal human being who needs you to solve their problem. Their real problem is NOT copy!
  • This human being has a budget to spend (they’re BIG clients), and they are willing to spend it to solve their problem.
  • Develop a relationship with this person by getting into their head and making connections
  • Empathy goes a long way
  • This human being sees you as the hero who will help them do their job effectively, so don’t be shy! Make their life easy.
  • Take leadership and let them THINK you’re the hero. Be amazing, responsive, professional, etc.
  • Focus on what the individual needs, rather than the job itself, as this will help you meet the brief, deliver what they need, and turn them into the hero.
  • When you make them look good, they’ll use you again, or refer you to someone else who has a big problem they need solving.


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