Contacting clients takes some confidence that surely comes with experience.

How do you keep them happy? How do you handle those sticky sales calls?

Today our illustrious ambassadors, Gary Cooper and Helen Sparks will take all your phone call questions – simply post them in the event here with #QUESTION.


About Gary:
Gary grew up not knowing what he really wanted to do – he says he still doesn’t know.

Born in England, living in France for 20-years and travelling have made perspective one of the keystones of his businesses – it’s not just copy, but some property and investments – and some luck.

He’s been everything from an operating theatre technician to a cafe owner and farmer with 200 sheep – he even pounded the beat as a London bobby for 7-years.

About Helen:
Helen Sparks helps coaches ignite their launches and sell out their courses with words that sizzle.

She uses quirky and engaging storytelling to amplify their brand voice, helping them to boldly stand out in a saturated market.

Her sales funnels skip the foreplay and get straight to the conversion, satisfaction guaranteed.

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