Esther Nagle spent 20 years thinking alcohol and weed were helping her enjoy and endure life. When she got sober in 2014 she realised just how wrong she had been. Now a recovery coach, Esther wants to show the world that alcohol is not necessary for fun and relaxation, and that you can have more fun and relaxation without it.

In this Masterclass, Esther will cover:

  • Digging into why alcohol doesn’t make us feel as good as we’d like and hurts us far more than we realise
  • Why it doesn’t help with stress
  • Better, more impactful ways you can reduce and manage stress
  • Practical tools you can practice and use to help reduce stress levels throughout the day, and to manage when things really get challenging

Questions for discussion:

  • When did you start drinking at dangerous levels?
  • What were you looking for when you drank alcohol?
  • What did alcohol take away from you?
  • When did you realise that alcohol wasn’t helping?
  • How did you manage to get on top of your drinking?
  • What is your favourite thing about being sober?
  • How do you manage when life is hard now you don’t drink to ‘relax’ through it?
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