Masterclass: Recognising, Developing, and Applying Soft Skills with Gary Cooper

Gary grew up not knowing what he really wanted to do – he says he still doesn’t know.
Born in England, living in France for 20-years and travelling have made perspective one of the keystones of his businesses – it’s not just copy, but some property and investments – and some luck.
He’s been everything from an operating theatre technician to a cafe owner and farmer with 200 sheep – he even pounded the beat as a London bobby for 7-years.
Today we’re not looking at the swan gliding across the pond of socials, and the glittery ripples of likes – we’re looking at the webbed feet frantically paddling to make the entrance, the exit, and everything in between look totally effortless.
In this Masterclass, Gary will discuss:
– Why soft skills?
– When people you encounter have no soft skill set
– Recognising soft skills you’re good with – and those that need work
– The subtle (and not so subtle) psychology behind improvement and mastery
– Specifics – negotiation/conflict/handling personalities/confidence/physical health/teamwork/networking
– Putting the jigsaw together

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