Beck (aka Beck Co) is a content strategist, business writer and self-confessed Linkedin geek.

​She works with service businesses to help them get the clarity they need to stand out online and make the most of the opportunities on LinkedIn. With her financial services background, she’s a whizz at simplifying complex topics and translating boring corporate speak into simple, everyday language.

So, you’ve had enough of the constant changes and pressure to sing and dance on Instagram and TikTok and have decided to give LinkedIn a go. But when you arrive, you’re like, “what is this?”

LinkedIn sure has its own vibe and you’re not sure if you belong, should spend your time on it, or will ever like it. You find it boring and stuffy and want to join in, but don’t want to sound like a tosser.
But you can make it work for you.

In this Masterclass, Beck will cover:

  • What you should do in your first 30 days
  • Working on your mindset
  • Understanding your audience
  • How to get your profile in order
  • How to start connecting
  • The importance of socialising
  • How to come up with a content plan & stick to your zone of genius
  • GO! Locking in time every day


Chat log: 

13:04:55 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Wow 810M?
13:14:31 From Miranda Packer : They’re all too busy watching everyone else watching them!
13:23:19 From Cathy Camera : Have never done that – might have to give it a try if I think the person is compatible
13:29:50 From Lindsay Salmon : #QUESTION – Should we have a Company Page as a freelancer in addition to your personal profile?
13:29:59 From Diana Ioppolo : #question does creator mode impact connection requests? From what I understand, it encourages follow rather than connect (I could be wrong)
13:31:46 From carol : Do you have to be a company, i.e. incorporated, to have a Company Page?
13:32:00 From Miranda Packer : @diana it changes the default action to Follow, but you can still connect. You just have to click on something else first (cant think what it is, but it’s not hard to find), then Connect.
13:32:20 From Phoebe Hartley : #question if you have a company page set up, should you post content to that page as well as from your profile – and should you double up (post same content from both?)
13:33:00 From Nick Petrou : #question My current LinkedIn copy targets small businesses. Is this a blunder on LinkedIn, considering you said that the companies on there are larger ones with actual marketing budgets to spend?
13:33:21 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : @Diana and @Miranda, it’s the ellipsis (drama dots) on the side of your profile, and then there’s the option for connect.
13:34:11 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : @Phoebe – great question – I want to know too, as I have clients that post to both at the same time.
13:35:18 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Collaborators would be great – like Webpage designers.
13:35:23 From Diana Ioppolo : @Miranda and @Jacinta thanks i’ve seen that but I’d like to know if that means people who come across your profile are more likely to follow than connect – when I think being a connection is more valuable…. 🤔
13:36:01 From Miranda Packer : Ah thanks @Jacinta 🙂
13:36:10 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : @Diana – I actually do both when I am connecting with contact. But, I get where you’re coming from, as this could be confusing to some people.
13:36:21 From Miranda Packer : @Diana got it – good question!
13:36:35 From Heather Boyd : I rarely accept a connection request if there isn’t a note or an obvious reason for us to connect.
13:36:44 From Miranda Packer : @Heather me too
13:38:01 From Tina Higgins : Gotta go, sorry. Will catch the replay.
13:38:48 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : #Question – How often should be showing up on LinkedIn (I don’t want to be spending all day on LI)
13:40:11 From Jenny Lindsay : So much easier to do content for clients!!
13:40:50 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Oooh – I like the 4 Topics – that’s like your podcasting/media one sheet having the same info too!
13:43:56 From Cathy Camera : It’s such a long game – I’m plugging away hoping that people are noticing lol
13:44:11 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : And it’s looking great Cathy!
13:45:49 From Cathy Camera : Thank you – don’t feel like I’ve “cracked it” yet
13:48:23 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : I think there’s always a little bit of testing required for Socials.
13:49:21 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Sorry – have to go – Thank you so much Beck and Kate – can’t wait to watch this again.
13:53:07 From Heather Boyd : I love LinkedIn though I suspect I’m in the minority
13:54:17 From Diana Ioppolo : That’s a great tip re muting
13:57:13 From Lindsay Salmon : Thanks Bec and Kate – great session!!
13:57:18 From Cathy Camera : Can’t believe it’s almost here!

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