Debbie Cormode is a freelance UX copywriter. After niching into website copy, she quickly realised UX to be essential when creating frustration-free and customer-focused websites.

Debs lives on a rock in the middle of the Irish Sea but spends 6 months of the year travelling around Europe in her motorhome called Bertie.

In her spare time, she’s studying for the Baymard Institute’s eCommerce UX Certification and is a copy coach in another membership group – which we will not name here!

In this Masterclass, Debs will cover:

  • Intro to UX
  • Why UX is important for website copy (or any copy!)
  • 5 areas where you can use UX principles in website copy
    1. Jobs to be done framework to uncover customer struggles and needs
    2. User flow and journey mapping
    3. Microcopy including CTA’s
    4. Accessibility
    5. UX heuristics if working with designers
Categories: Copywriting, Marketing

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