Bec Walker is the founder of Smart Words Simply, a fledgling legal copywriting business, and a senior legal counsel at Virgin Australia Airlines.

In this Masterclass, Bec will discuss:

  • What is the source of tension between lawyers and marketers (including copywriters)?
  • Understanding the role of lawyers in the marketing process – what are they looking for?

Five tips:

  1. Remember – everyone is working towards the same objective (your client’s success!)
  2. Know your basics (depending on your client/type of work – ACCC advertising guidelines, financial/credit services guide, restrictions on the use of third party intellectual property)
  3. Understand your client’s stakeholder engagement process and factor this into your own processes (and fee estimate!) – what do you need to provide for legal approval, how long does the legal team need to review, how will they deliver feedback).
  4. Ask for a meeting to work through feedback (avoid lengthy email exchanges)
  5. Be receptive to feedback – understand that often your client will need legal sign off for the process so you will need to be flexible in your approach, even if the end result is not your ideal copy


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