Cal Chikwendu is a slightly cheeky, conversational copywriter. She works with kick-ass, go-getting socially-conscious businesses who have heart and soul.
Her writing is honest, friendly, and inclusive to help make a positive impact on the world.
Lover of cake and seeking out street art. Hater of injustice and wine. She’s a northerner (UK) with an accent but a proud Aussie too.
We live in a diverse world. Inclusivity is not only the right thing to do but it shows, everyone is welcome and gives a sense of belonging.
Inclusive content helps you reach new customers and stand above the competition. It gets your message across respectfully and makes your customers feel valued and seen.
In this Masterclass, Cal will discuss:
  • What is inclusive copy?
  • Why should inclusive writing matter to copybeasts?
  • Top 5 principles of inclusive content
  • Double-check your audience personas
  • Be understanding and respectful of language
  • Getting it wrong or going OTT
  • Every picture tells a story
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