An engaging speaker, Kara Lambert focuses on the psychology behind business success. She is passionate about helping business owners overcome the fears that hold them back. Kara’s knowledge of psychology in business is readily applied to all stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers) and social media.

Kara holds a Degree in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Management; she has worked in the broader digital world since 2000 and in social media since 2011.

Her husband’s dad was her high school English teacher and she’s been with my husband since we were 17.

In this Masterclass, Kara will cover:

  • Types of fear
  • Common fears in business (and my own uncommon one)
  • How fear shows up in business
  • How fear shows up in our body and actions
  • What we can do about fear
  • Things to remember about fear

Five Faces of Fear Quiz

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