Lisa Cropman is an experienced copywriter with a London accent and a Melbourne address. Like a super smiley Hannibal Lecter, she gets under the skin of clients’ businesses to create messages that successfully grab hearts and minds. Lisa works across the industry spectrum but prefers to partner with businesses that help people and the planet. She has two tight-lipped teenagers and a vocal puppy.

In this Masterclass, Lisa discusses:

  1. Encourage clients to have a go when they resist filling in the briefing doc.
  2. Describe the briefing meeting as a chat and keep things relaxed (but record it).
  3. Lead by example by using other websites, TOV, etc. to help them identify what they do/don’t want.
  4. Find out what others say about them.
  5. Make gentle suggestions to help them make sense of things.
  6. Be understanding – the bottom line with clients – as with teenagers – is empathising with their position and really listening to their needs. (And if all else fails, clip them round the ear and send them to bed without any supper.) (Joke).


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