Matt does ‘monster’ jobs. He manages big projects at his company, True North Content. He provides end to end content services; copywriting as well as planning out content. He works on brands, UX, and training.

What is the difference between a copywriter and a copywriting offering consultancy services?

Doing the thing versus Talking about doing the thing. Strategy services.

Matt offers his clients help with the step before writing the copy. For example, he does the blogging plan, then writes the blogs. He defines the brand voice, then uses it in the copy.

Pitch to a client: first, before we write for you, we need to define your brand messaging strategy. For example, a brand asked for a landing page. He offered them a messaging framework. The job went from a $1000 job to a $7000 job.

If you’re new to this, just start doing a bit of strategy with your clients.

Some clients will pay a lot for a ‘strategist’ or ‘consultant’.
Others – we can offer consultancy services but not call it that (or even tell them).

When clients can not fill out the brief, you should offer to help them define what they need, and bill them for it, of course.

Tip: Offer consulting calls, 30 or 60 minutes, as services on your site.

How to find government consulting opportunities?
Find an agency that works with the government already, and find an agency that knows it needs help.
The government likes to work with people who are already experienced working in government.

How to transition to this industry?
Matt recommends two books:

  1. The Content Strategy Toolkit
  2. Managing Enterprise Content

Kate challenges viewers to write down:
What would your discovery/consultancy call with a client include?
What would be the benefits to the client?

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