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The Five Ps

  • Purpose: Identify this leading idea. What will the ‘takeaway’ be from the About Page
  • People: WHO is reading this About Page? What builds trust if you’re marketing to mums/builders/coaches? Know your Audience. Discovery Cards (click colours) that help to profile your audience.
  • Pathway: Every piece of copy takes the readers to a destination. This links back to purpose. Take your readers to a blog post or a call to action. You’re building trust and selling yourself, your expertise and ideas.
  • Performance: Don’t forget that the About Page is a metric that needs to be watched. Monitor its performance and work out how to add value.
  • Packaging: bundle your services.

The About Page is the second most visited page on a site. Spread the authority to other pages on your site.

If you can tell the client that you have a methodology around how you create your About Pages, it gives them more confidence in you.

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