In this session, Kate will be reviewing 4 different websites (submitted by DMC members) to share examples of what makes a well-written, user-friendly website, and what tweaks can help you get there.

About Kate

Kate Toon is an award-winning entrepreneur author, speaker, educator, podcaster, and parent to one human and one fur baby. From her humble backyard shed she masterminds an ambitious business universe, helping thousands of other humans to build their own version of success through digital marketing business know-how.


Chat log:

13:04:08 From Anastasia Geneave : Doing your own stuff sucks!!
13:05:36 From Anastasia Geneave : I’m still here, just need caffeine
13:07:53 From Tanya Hollis : It’s a lovely photo @Nicole Sergi
13:09:51 From Jo Violeta : Oh that’s really sad for the guinea pigs
13:11:19 From Jo Violeta : As in don’t @ her on twitter (X)
13:14:42 From Gaby Flavin To Kate Toon(privately) : I’m sneaking in on the work computer while I’m planning and on lunch so I have access to audio, but can’t use the microphone to talk! But I am here 😄
13:14:50 From Elise Doyle : Yes they are old school. My GP still faxes specialist referrals.
13:16:50 From Stephanie H : 100% Still old school, My mailout is my best marketing return by far. Not email, old skewl postie mail
You have to get by the gate-keepers though……
13:16:56 From Belinda : I love them too
13:19:25 From Hannah : Kate’s touching on it now. My initial thought is whether you can cover the benefits/opportunities for them early on. Why should they read your letter? Trying to expand, lower rates on their existing loans…
13:23:32 From victoriamackey : I would like to see the clone part a bit bigger out there – as in maybe more visible
13:24:17 From victoriamackey : I love the sentiment down the bottom too – I would break it up and promo it a bit
13:25:20 From Tanya Hollis : You can draw from that first para into a more powerful header. Want more me time? We’re the extra set of hands to tick off your to-do list.
13:27:33 From victoriamackey : Such a great idea though – i love the icons
13:27:33 From Belinda : nooooo
13:27:48 From Belinda : not the …. lol
13:27:57 From Jo Violeta : I’m a … addict
13:28:05 From Belinda : Replying to “I’m a … addict” me too
13:28:24 From victoriamackey : Replying to “I’m a … addict” shhhhh same
13:29:05 From victoriamackey : You are all so brave to do this. This is so great
13:29:10 From Jo Violeta : Replying to “I’m a … addict”@victoriamackey your secret is safe with me
13:31:05 From Tanya Hollis : Autoplay video is a bit distracting and not user-friendly. Looks like a fun workplace, though.
13:31:06 From Belinda : you have it at the top as well so maybe have it as a static thing further down
13:31:47 From Belinda : but make the text larger in the topbar so it’s clearer 🙂
13:33:51 From Tanya Hollis : Also, don’t put full stops in headlines.
13:34:37 From Kathryn Adams | Event Law : We’re guilty of full stops in headlines, @Shelley Breen
13:34:52 From Jo Violeta : Replying to “Kate’s touching on i…” Thanks Hannah, great feedback
13:34:53 From Susan Smyth : Start ‘a new way forward’ with capital A, not lowercase
13:36:28 From Anastasia Geneave : Love the boobs!
13:36:38 From Kathryn Adams | Event Law : Im envious of the boobs
13:37:18 From Jo Violeta : I work in the finance industry and I can’t figure out what you do
13:37:54 From Belinda : show him this video!
13:37:54 From Belinda : def need what you do 🙂
13:38:54 From Anastasia Geneave : Replying to “I work in the financ…” Same.
13:38:56 From Belinda : the cool is good if your target audience is the younger gen
13:39:16 From Chloe : thank you all for your feedback. much appreciated
13:39:38 From Lindsay Salmon : Clarity (over cleverness) is really important with your copy too.
13:39:39 From Gaby Flavin : I love kiddikutter! I love that she’s in the DMC group
13:39:54 From Jo Violeta : I love the brand name it reminds me of the artist Kid Cudi (great music)
13:41:16 From Tanya Hollis : Not sure about the changing word in the tag line. Especially if part of your market might be families with cognitive difference. Distracting and hard to read.
13:42:27 From Shelley Breen : … Losing their fingers, or your mind
13:42:28 From Lindsay Salmon : I’d make it two different sentences.
13:42:32 From Tanya Hollis : Maybe two sentences. Don’t lose your mind. Let your kids go nuts etc.
13:43:56 From Belinda : still here 🙂
13:43:57 From Gaby Flavin : Here!
13:43:58 From Stephanie H : Nice Avos
13:44:05 From Gaby Flavin : LOL @ avos
13:44:09 From Fiona Halloran – Field Day Digital : been talking to you lol
13:48:11 From Belinda : I was a little confused
13:48:17 From Susan Smyth : Me too
13:48:23 From Hannah : It took me a little while to work it out.
13:48:23 From Belinda : I wondered why I needed a lawyer for a party
13:48:30 From Elise Doyle : I thought they did law for the people getting married
13:48:45 From Nirelle Bennett : Are you excellent event professional, but don’t have a clue about law?
13:49:25 From Hannah : Its about protecting the business against their customers isn’t it?
13:49:35 From Kathryn Adams | Event Law : Correct Hannah
13:49:38 From Jo Violeta : What is the ‘my guy’ that Kate is referring to?
13:49:48 From Hannah : Magai
13:49:54 From Elise Doyle : H1 – Don’t ruin the party
13:49:55 From Lindsay Salmon : Replying to “What is the ‘my guy’…” Magai (AI tool)
13:49:58 From Hannah : its like CHAT GPT but different
13:50:14 From Tanya Hollis : What about something like: Don’t let legal issues crash your party
13:50:25 From Kathryn Adams | Event Law : I like that Tanya
13:50:48 From Jo Violeta : Replying to “What is the ‘my guy’…” Oh, thank you!
13:50:59 From Jo Violeta : Replying to “Magai”

Thank you
13:51:00 From Tanya Hollis : …while you perform the tricks’ sounds a bit dodgy
13:51:00 From Hannah : The thing for me is that its not “your party”.
13:53:15 From Tanya Hollis : Replying to “The thing for me is …”

I was thinking that. Although the page would be pitched to event organisers.
13:54:06 From Crystal Lobban : don’t need full stops after headings
13:54:13 From Gaby Flavin : I love …
13:55:06 From Gaby Flavin : Hi All!
13:55:08 From Gaby Flavin : I’m here!
13:55:13 From Gaby Flavin : I just don’t have a microphone!
13:55:17 From Gaby Flavin : Work computer in staff room!
13:55:54 From Tanya Hollis : Replying to “I like that Tanya” It is still not clear who the pitch is to. Maybe you need something like, ‘Is legals missing form your event checklist?’
13:58:53 From Hannah : My first email is: Still thinking about your purchase? I’ve saved your cart for you
13:59:04 From Hannah : The second is “Fancy that fabulous puzzle or game? (I’ve saved your cart from earlier)”
13:59:11 From Gaby Flavin : I’m a chronic exclamation marker 😀
13:59:12 From Hannah : Neither are great.
14:01:04 From Stephanie H : Just one
14:01:10 From Gaby Flavin : THANK YOU!
14:01:11 From Shelley Breen : Isla Fisher…
14:01:32 From Tanya Hollis : Buy this puzzle or I’ll send you a random box with a piece missing.
14:02:00 From Gaby Flavin : I’ll combine two of them and make the first one text only – love that suggestion of keeping it simple text only.
14:02:06 From Hannah : Replying to “Buy this puzzle or I…” Funny thing is I sell preowned puzzles as well as new ones and thats one of my customers’ biggest worries.
14:02:40 From Belinda : thank you!
14:02:44 From Nicole Sergi : Thanks Kate!!
14:02:44 From Gaby Flavin : Thank you so much
14:02:44 From Belinda : sorry….
14:02:47 From Belinda : oh no
14:02:48 From Tanya Hollis : That was great. Thanks.
14:02:48 From Chloe : thank you so much!
14:03:09 From Gaby Flavin : So grateful Kate. Have to run back to teaching class. Eek.
14:03:16 From Fiona Halloran – Field Day Digital : thank you that was great! learnt so much…
14:03:16 From Belinda : bye all.
14:03:25 From Vishma Mistry : Thanks Kate! Only caught the last half hour but picked up some great advice!

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