In this session, Justin will cover:  

  • The 3 Elements of Voice and how to dial them in like a guy who dials things in professionally
  • 9 Voice types you can emulate without much effort (so you can sound perfect)
  • Free tools to measure and scale your voice (so you can work with copywriters without wanting to light your laptop on fire)
  • Brand Voice vs. Brand Personality: Why you’re likely mixing up the two and it’s driving you batty

About Justin:

Justin Blackman is a copywriter-turned-brand-voice-expert. He’s written for more than 429 entrepreneurs and dozens of businesses, including many you’ve actually heard of. He has created brand voice guides for very impressive people including: Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Todd Herman, and Danny Iny… and worked with top brands such as Red Bull, IHG Hotels, and 5-hour Energy. He is not left-handed.

Categories: Branding, Copywriting, Marketing

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