Martina Donkers is a freelance grant writer, evaluator, and consultant with over 10 years of experience in grant-world. She’s assessed grants for the federal government, and comes at grant writing with an ‘insider perspective’. Martina is known for her casual, confidence-building style and detailed explanations that make tricky concepts easy.

Martina has been traveling full-time on-and-off, more or less, since 2016. She made it to 51 different countries – so I still have quite a few more to explore. At the moment I’m focused on Australia – I’m writing this bio from a cafe in Geraldton WA, and I’ll be in South Australia next month.

When you’re good at writing, and people know it, sooner or later you’ll probably be asked to help out with a grant application. This goes 10x fold if you’re working with charities, NFPs, and social purpose organisations, but it can come up for others, too.

But if you’ve never written a grant before, the whole process can be daunting. Grants aren’t the same as other types of writing, and when you’re unsure of the ins and outs, you can find yourself confused, overwhelmed, and missing out on new work opportunities with your favourite clients.

In this intro session, we’ll start with the basics – how do grants work, what are funders really looking for, and how do you actually put together a winning grant application? You’ll get to grips with the ways grant writing is the same as and different to other types of writing, figure out some of the key pitfalls encountered by freelance grant writers, and learn how to tackle grant applications.

In this Masterclass, Martina will cover:

  • Different types of grants
  • What grant funders are actually trying to do when they give away large sums of money
  • How understanding different funder types gives you an edge
  • What a grant application actually looks like
  • Who is the audience and how do you meet their needs
  • The differences between doing your own application and doing one for a client
  • Pricing and engagement as a freelance grant writer
  • Q&A
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