After more than two decades working on global brands in multinational agencies, production companies, boutique marketing networks, and his own brand consultancy, Barrie Seppings is now leading Splendid Group to help B2B technology brands be better understood by the markets and businesses they’re working to improve.

Barrie once worked ona B-grade Hollywood action film with Dolph Lundgren, shooting in the jungles of Southern Thailand.

In this Masterclass, Barrie will cover:

  • What do Creative Directors typically do all day?
  • Are all agencies basically the same?
  • What does a CD look for in a copywriter?
  • How do I approach a CD or an agency?
  • What’s the fastest way to annoy a CD?
  • Conversely, how do I make sure I keep getting more work from a CD/Agency?
  • What are the warning signs/red flags that I should walk away from a CD/Agency?

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