What is an annual report?

  • Strict government requirements for organisations to table an annual report at the AGM.
  • NFPOs need to report on where financials are coming and going to.
  • Annual review is less structured.

How to get into this type of work?
Understand governance requirements.
Read annual reports and see how they are written. There is a standard structure.

Taming the beast
Use a project management tool.
Gantt Chart: A massive Excel spreadsheet that shows the dates of each step.Don’t look at these as massive reports, but take it section by section. Get sections approved as you go.
Work in progress chats/emails.

Are you a project manager?
NL prefers to be because she likes to have control. Charge 10-15% extra for project management.

How long do they take? Over two to three months, approximately 40-50 hours of writing + project management + research. Charge accordingly.

How much to charge? $8000 – $12,000
There is a perceived cost for annual reports in the marketplace.

  • Governance (and other cures for insomnia) – ask if it has these governance requirements.
  • Dealing with bean counters – the approvals process: The reports come back for revisions quite a lot. It’s part of the process so it needs to be factored into your price.
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