Rachel has experience in ‘agency land’. She’s done a lot of financial services copy. She translated her prior skills and uses them in her copywriting business.

Where to find clients?
In her previous employed role, they used an agency. Now the agency (Crafted Financial Writing) uses her.
Most large companies, i.e. banks, will rarely have direct interactions with the copywriter but prefer to go through an agency.

Why Rachel chose to specialise in financial services copywriting:

– It’s a social justice thing. Super is important and people need to understand it. People are wanting more transparency in their financial services.
– It pays well.
– It’s consistent and there’s a lot of work.
It makes RA feel smart because she is able to create a bridge of knowledge for people.

RA explained the difference between education and advice.

There are courses you can undertake to get into financial services copywriting:

  • A degree in some area.
  • RG146 – a Diploma of Financial Planning.
  • Previous experience is extremely helpful.

The legal department is a safety net for you.

What makes my financial services copywriting different?
Her background in strategic marketing and ability to find the creative angle.
Agency work teaches professionalism that can be underestimated – timelines, deadlines, etc are the norm.


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