The 2019 Inaugural Clear Communication Awards

Clear communication is all about being effective. It is audience-focused writing, combined with good design and good communication principles which meets the purposes of our publications.

Why is it important?
Plain English and clear messaging is so important because if you can’t understand, you can’t participate in society adequately.

  • 46% of Ausralians have non-functioning literacy – they struggle with comparing and contrasting ideas.
  • 27% of Victorians have a migrant background.
  • 1 million Australians have low English capability.

Selling the importance of clear communication to your client.
Evidence-based research shows that clear communication saves money.

Recommended Book:
Writing for Dollars, Writing to Please: The Case for Plain Language in Business, by Joe Kimble.

Why were the awards founded?
They want to promote clear communication and raise the profile of people and have really good examples so they can inspire people to do better with their communication.

Entry fee:$130.

The prize: Fame and glory.

They’re expecting 6-10 applicants per category.

Get the client’s permission to enter the award. They will love it as their product will be used to promote the awards.

Tip: Write your own press release announcing that you are entering into the awards. Send it to your local paper.

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