Leanne answers questions about the whole VA experience.

Q. When do I know that it’s the right time to start outsourcing?

  1. If you develop a waitlist of clients (beyond 6 weeks)
  2. If you stop marketing because you’re too busy.
  3. Working too many hours and exhausted.

Q. What would you say to someone who thinks they can’t afford it?
A. Look at cashflow. If you outsource an hour’s work for $40 and make $90 you still make a profit. Track your work and admin time.

Q. How does outsourcing marketing for a copywriting business go?
A. You want to show your authority and expertise. A VA could turn your blog posts and articles into graphics and videos. Or they could create a Facebook live plan for you.

Q. What are the average rates for Australian VAs?
A. A beginner starts at $30 per hour. 2 years in, it increases. It depends on the tasks you want them to do. General admin tasks, $50 for an experienced VA.

Q. What is the difference between a VA and an online business manager?
A. VA – you create a task list and they do the tasks.A. VA – you create a task list and they do the tasks.An online business manager will handle the online end to end business. It’s a more intimate relationship with your business processes. Leanne has become an advocate for Kate’s business. Her reputation is also at stake.

Q. How do you find online business managers?
A. Virtually Yours site – a Virtual directory. VA Directory. VA Net. Depends on which country you are in too.

KT and LW discuss the pros and cons of overseas VAs.

Be aware that at the start, things may not be quicker. Invest a little bit of time learning how to work together and it will make life easier later on.

Next steps:

  1. Work out what you think you want to outsource.
  2. Work out your budget and measure it against your rates.
  3. Put a job request in with a VA directory and you’ll get applicants.
  4. Pick the best of the bunch.


  • If you can afford it, but you’re reluctant, just do it.
  • It’s hard to get over the trust factor, especially if you are a sole trader. Talk to a VA about your issues.
  • Start with a small number of hours and/or a small task.

The real bonus of having a VA is having someone else who genuinely cares about your business.

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