Rebecca Cofrancesco, (Beck Co as you know her in the group) is a Content Strategist, LinkedIn Coach and Website writer, she’s also a TCCS ambassador and is our resident LinkedIn and Financial Services expert.

A self-confessed LinkedIn geek, Beck was an early adopter of LinkedIn, growing her 7-year-old business on word of mouth and through the sheer power of LinkedIn.

She knows it works, how to show up with intention, and the tips/tricks to get LinkedIn working for you too.

In this Masterclass, Beck will discuss:

  • How we get in our own way – and it’s stopping us from showing up
  • The different ways you can show up with content
  • Showing up with purpose & having your own content plan
  • What’s working right now (what the algorithm is up to).

Beck’s 7-day LinkedIn Profile Challenge

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