Having worked as a corporate lawyer, a senior executive, and run her own businesses, all while managing a family and for the last six years being a single mum, Kate has a broad and very deep skill set across many aspects of business and across work and life.
She has coached thousands of individuals and teams on time management, productivity, goal setting, life by design, business (big and small) planning, speaking with confidence, impression and brand management.
Based on Kate’s 5th book, ‘The Life List: Master Every Moment and Live an Audacious Life’ (published globally by Wiley in 2023), in this inspirational keynote, Kate will take us on an incredibly inspiring ride that will change our lives forever.
In this Masterclass, Kate will cover:
  • How to have a more fulfilling, sustainable, leveraged work/ lifestyle
  • How to thrive in your business/ profession, while also realising phenomenal personal achievement, growth, space and freedom; and
  • How to get back into the driver’s seat and design your perfect life.
Psst – You can buy a copy of Kate’s book, The Life List: Master Every Moment and Live an Audacious Life if you want to get a little extra out of this Masterclass. (Amazon seems to have the best deal on the book at the moment, you can purchase it for only $22.47 (plus postage).
You can also download a copy of Kate’s Life List Planner for free prior to the event, from www.katechristie.com.au.
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