Web Design on a Shoestring Budget

The story always begins with a brief.

  • As a DIY designer, you are your own coach.

Choose a colour palette, fonts, a visual style and an overarching theme before you begin.

  • A bit about the value of brand archetypes for soloists.
  • Your visual elements should support your copy.
  • Base your decisions on objective assessment.
  • Stick to the choices you’ve made across all your channels.

Make it easy for yourself : Create your site in a logical order.

  • Add all pages – leave empty
  • Navigation including header
  • Theme settings
  • Footer
  • Go back and add all your copy, one page at a time, creating logical groups and flow for your text.
  • Add grey section backgrounds or default mage modules in the spots where an image is called for.
  • Assess the spacing and the flow until it reads love like a love story.
  • Review the layout on mobile to see how the text layout works.
  • Then go back and review what images you need.
  • Divi image size guide)

How to create a site when you have no original images.

  • If you’ve got a compelling, overarching theme to your brand persona, gather a group of images from the same stock image series.
  • Find an offshore resource to edit images for you if necessary – cut away backgrounds, touch up etc.
  • Apply image overlays to less than ideal quality images in Divi.
  • Instead of full-width banners, consider grids of small images which can be interchanged with blocks of solid colour.

Optimise your site for mobile and tablet view.

  • Before your site is launched, review each page using the Divi mobile, tablet and desktop view.
  • Create a mobile header to ensure that you leap out of the cake with an appropriately fabulous ta-da.

Find tools for editing images that will enable you to:

  • Create a blank canvas with the correct dimensions.
  • Overlay an image onto the canvas and move it around until you’ve got the right bits of the image in the shot.
  • Save the image as a low resolution but high quality image (see

General design tips.

  • In your home page header, don’t use sliders unless you’ve got a really good reason to.
  • From your home page header view, it should be 100% clear what you offer.
  • Try to develop some depth of colour – lighter and darker shades of your main colours.
  • Separate logical groupings of information with sections.
  • Test colours on different devices.
  • As you upload images to your site, delete any that you may be replacing – tidy up as you go along.

New Divi global editing settings.

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