Matt explains to us that UX = User Experience. It’s about how people interact with products and systems (i.e. an app on your phone, or how you apply for a visa) and says that every time he does a UX test, he is surprised by the human behaviour.

Flow: What does someone need to know first? Then second? Then next. How to deliver information in manageable chunks?

Once you’ve designed, tested and evaluated your product (website/app/proforma), then watch people use it.
The Walkman example; everyone says they’d prefer a yellow walkman but when they were able to choose, they chose a black one. That is a classic UX test.

Tip: You need to take control of the whole experience. What’s around the page can have a big impact on what is in the middle of the page (your copy)?

Have a discussion about the structure of the site, because it will affect the way you write the copy.

Some clients will trust you and you can make recommendations. There are books to back your ideas up.

Do some low fi user experience testing. E.g. put it on your Facebook page to see what people say/think.

Q. How do we get into the UX copywriting space?
Be curious. Be comfortable with shades of grey. There is more than one way to look at the world. Be pragmatic. Be able to see patterns in ambiguous data. Leave your ego at the door – you can’t be right all the time.
A. Diplomacy. Confidence. You have to be the middle ground. Let the client feel heard and be involved.

Tip: Do a course. Short one day courses are available.



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