Penny Locaso is a coach, international speaker, yogi, author and imperfect experimenter, on a mission to teach 10 million women, just like you, to flourish by 2025.

After 20 years in corporate change management, she knew the life she was living was not in alignment with the things that truly mattered to her. So, Penny leaned into her fear of uncertainty and turned her whole life upside down in pursuit of happiness.

In this masterclass, Penny will cover:

  • Why shifting from existing to living matters to you and the true cost of not making it
  • How you are currently using your energy and
  • How you can redirect your energy to recharge your batteries and reignite your spark
  • A simple and proven psychology framework to enable you to create healthy and sustainable boundaries that inject more of what matters to you in each day
  • How to shift from feeling frazzled to in flow


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