Nerissa Bentley is The Melbourne Health Writer – a professional health & medical writer, and AHPRA compliancy whiz.

Nerissa has weathered many storms in her 10 years of business, some of which nearly drowned her. But by employing some solid strategies and getting help from the right people, she was able to keep her ship afloat, her passengers safe and still grow her business and income.

In this masterclass, Nerissa will cover:

  • Nerissa’s own personal storms, how they impacted her and what she did to stay afloat
  • How to recognise potential storms on the horizon (What potential issues could become big problems in the future?)
  • How to batten down the hatches before the storms arrive (What can you do now to mitigate those risks?)
  • What to do when you’re lost at sea (Simple strategies to help you stay afloat)
  • What to do when the storm is over (How to evaluate and reassess your processes)
  • When to let off your distress signals, flares, and emergency beacons (When and how to ask for help, and where to get it from)


Categories: Health and Wellbeing, People, Process

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