Danielle Norton is a freelance food and travel writer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work has been published in The Age/Sydney Morning Herald, Escape, Jetstar Magazine, Virgin, Explore Travel, Australian Traveller, International Traveller, The Women’s Weekly, Good Food, Delicious, Holidays with Kids and a range of other magazines.

Danielle offers one-on-one travel writing coaching and has a hotel review writing course for sale.

In this Masterclass, Danielle will cover:

  • How Danielle became a travel writer
  • Different types of travel stories that editors will pay for
  • Real life examples of paid assignments, from five-star resorts in Bali to family trips to Tasmania
  • How you can get started as a travel writer
  • Why you should start with hotel reviews
  • ini lesson: How to Write a Hotel Review
Categories: Copywriting, Marketing

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