Mayank Malik and Prerna Malik are the founders of Content Bistro where they serve up wallet-wooing conversion copywriting services for creatives and seasoned-for-growth consulting for service providers.

They’re also the creators of Momentum Mise-en-Place® and Intentionally Profitable (launching soon!) where they work closely with fellow service providers who want Sustainable Scale for their businesses.

In this Masterclass, they’ll cover:

  • The top 3 leaky gaps in most copywriters’ businesses. And no, they have nothing to do with your website!
  • Why advice like “charge what you’re worth” is good for a meme but horrible for marketing.
  • How to plug those leaks with irresistible profit-rich offers using our extensively tested 3P framework. This includes packaging, pricing, and then, positioning
  • How do you structure an offer that offers insane value but doesn’t leave you feeling burned out.
  • What’s a sensible, smart, and dare we say, scientific way to price your services so you aren’t pulling figures out of thin air.
  • Finally, how to position an offer so it stands out in the sea of copywriting offers as brightly as a rainbow-coloured narwhal
  • FREE GIFT! The fast-track to happy (pay)days. Steal our “launch of least resistance” process to propel your offer into profitability.



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