Not quite a Masterclass, not just a Q&A.
The session will run for 1.5 hrs.



Matt Fenwick is the owner of True North Content, a kick-arse consultancy that tackles big, messy content problems. Matt holds honours degrees in Law and Creative Writing, and a University Medal in English.

Matt himself is big and messy. Recently diagnosed with ADHD, he is exploring how to advocate for neurodiverse people.
Matt lives in Canberra and loves long-distance cycling.



Dr. Bianca Calabria is a Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer. She holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Psychology, a Ph.D., and a Masters, as well as further training in assessments for autism and ADHD.

Bianca has 15 years of experience and today works in several fields including helping neurodivergent people increase their wellbeing, connect with the authentic self and improve daily functioning.

Bianca is also neurodivergent herself (ADHD and autistic). She lives in Canberra and loves being out in the bush.



Come along to hear about:

  • What neurodivergence is
  • What are some of the myths and misconceptions about neurodivergence?
  • Different ways of thinking about neurodivergence (deficit model – “it’s crap to be neurodivergent”, strengths model – “being neurodivergent is awesome”, others)
  • Diagnosis and support: how to get help
  • Neurodivergence and owning your own business (common issues, common strengths)



  • Trigger warning – there will be talk about trauma (emotional abuse of various kinds)
  • Please be respectful of presenters’ time and emotional headspace; they want to be useful, but don’t have the capacity to respond to long, detailed personal messages.
  • The presenters won’t be providing individual advice or diagnosing anyone in this session.
  • Bianca is a trained psychologist with a specialist interest in this field, so you’re welcome to reach out for assessment in your own time


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