1. Writing a LinkedIn headline with a hook 
I help…….. (industry)…. achieve ….(what they want to achieve)…
E.g. I’m a copywriter who helps tradies communicate to win more business from housewives in the western suburbs.

2. What your summary should say about you
Your USP (Unique Selling Point).
Outline how you do your magic. Testimonials from clients can be put here.

List your experience – no more than three roles/employers.

  • Try to find the three jobs where you had your best achievements and keep it simple.
  • Name the brands you’ve worked with – but not all of them.

Don’t forget that this is a sales page for your potential clients. Use the copy from your home page.

3. Who to connect with on LinkedIn?
EU says: If you don’t know the person, don’t connect. EU is suspicious and is a little more conservative. If the profile has no photo or is incomplete, or if they don’t have enough connections, she declines the connection.

KT: says yes to anyone. Anyone is innocent until proven guilty. If they spam her, she removes the connection.

4. How to push your agenda while being thoughtful, smart & generous (not pushy)

Helping people is important. “Fluffing” people is important: write a comment on their posts, engage in conversation, create relationships, add value.

If you’re posting something on Facebook, just cut and paste it onto LinkedIn. Share wins about clients and share case studies.

Tip: Write a testimonial for someone else and then you’ll be on their profile.

5. Why Kate is a LinkedIn whore!
It’s anonymous, there’s nothing personal on there. Who cares?

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