In this joint DMC & TCCS Q&A session, these three ecommerce biz owners will answer your questions and share the secrets to their success.

About Janine Leghissa:

Janine is the award-winning founder of two thriving e-commerce brands – Desiderate Jewellery and Taleeta Fashion. A self-taught entrepreneur, Janine is globally recognised for her expertise in technology, SEO, marketing, advertising, and more. Her finely-honed ability to understand her customer and build loyalty underpins the remarkable success of her e-commerce empire.

About Keneena Fanning:

Keneena Fanning is the creator, designer and owner at Kablooie Store, her sustainable Australian fashion label full of colourful, quirky, happy pieces. Before establishing Kablooie, Keneena worked in economics, strategic financing, and project management, and holds a business degree in economics and resources management.

About Nikki Filia:

Nikki Filia is Chief Bangle Officer at BE Bangles, a brand that encourages and inspires you to be who you are. After years in retail, it’s a dream to make the world a happier place one bang at a time (with a reasonable amount of swearing of course).


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