Joh Kohler is an Adelaide-based SEO copywriter who specialises in writing website words that speak to the heart of your ideal customer (and to the heart of the search engine algorithms).

Her compelling copy will turn your website into a 24/7 marketing machine. Joh is a Certified Practising Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute and an Ambassador for The Clever Copywriting School.

In this Masterclass, Joh will discuss:

  • Why copywriters need competitor research
  • What copywriters should focus on when doing competitor research (hint: it’s the customers)
  • How to check competitor keywords and backlinks (and what to do with the information)
  • What to pay attention to when reviewing competitor websites
  • What to look for when stalking competitor socials
  • How to gather gold through message mining
  • Don’t forget about customer research


Categories: Goals, Google and SEO, Marketing

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