Sandy’s tutorial video.


Trello is a very visual application. Use it for project management, filing.

Similar to Post-it notes, it’s like a virtual pin board with multiple boards.

Trello is free but you can purchase extra. It can hook in to Asana, and Slack, Twitter, Survey Monkey.

Start a board: i.e. PROJECT
The board is made up of lists. It’s like a WIP spreadsheet just using lists.

You can:

  • Make notes
  • Attach photos
  • Attach files
  • Add dropbox files

Each board has a unique email address so Sandy emails the board directly and attaches to the card.

You can use it just as easily on your phone as you can on your desktop.

You can add stickers to your tasks.
You can drag tasks from one list to another. To do – doing – done. Change colours, use labels, add due dates.

There is always a learning curve when you discover a new software.

Tip: Once a week spend half an hour organising your boards (and your thoughts).

Tip: Don’t create too many boards. Use the lists within the boards.

Don’t overload it with information.

Sandy’s tutorial video.

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