Sarah started her copywriting business after leaving the corporate marketing world to have a baby.
After working as a solo copywriter for a while, she started to scale with many wonderful copybeasts from TCCS working with her as subcontractors.
Over the past 7 years, with a break in the middle for another baby, she’s grown her business and is now managing a team of anywhere from 10-25 writers, copy editors and project managers at any one time.
The team’s latest clients include Westpac, Woolworths and Spotlight Retail Group.

In this Masterclass, Sarah will cover:

  • Moving beyond topic and keyword research in your content strategy
  • What Pillar + Cluster Content Strategies are, and how they’ll amplify the impact of the content you create.
  • Taking it to the next level with Waterfall Content strategies
  • Making Content Strategies that both make it simpler for your business, but also more valuable to your client.



13:01:38 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : There’s effects in Zoom where you can add lippy (and eyebrows!)
13:03:06 From Angela Pickett : Great episode
13:03:21 From Erin Huckle : Yes loved that episode with Sarah – which is why I’m so excited abotu today!
13:03:25 From Shari : @Jacinta I’ve tried the eyebrows, but sometimes when I moved my head the eyebrows stayed behind 😂
13:03:43 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : lol – @Shari – I always look surprised when I have eyebrows
13:03:56 From Lynda Coulson : She’s perfectly posed too
13:04:09 From Dora Nikolaou : And she’s gone
13:04:15 From Lynda Coulson : It was beautiful
13:04:26 From Rachel Amies : That was a short masterclass haha
13:04:35 From Lynda Coulson : Cluster-$#%%
13:04:35 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Where’s Rachel’s waterfall background?
13:04:35 From Dora Nikolaou : not a fan of clusters
13:04:47 From Tina Higgins : Loving Estelle’s shirt
13:04:52 From Lynda Coulson : Love
13:05:05 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : hugs
13:05:17 From Rachel Amies : Jacinta, it disappeared with one of the Zoom updates I think … need to fix that lol
13:05:22 From Lynda Coulson : Get the rollerskates out again.
13:05:22 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : I do love that this is all recorded!
13:06:14 From Lynda Coulson : Yay Amy!!
13:06:32 From Caryn Jacobs : Yay for Brissie beasts!
13:06:42 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Hi Amy! Welcome to TCCS, and how dedicated, so show up when you’re on a mini break!
13:06:44 From Lynda Coulson : You’ll have to come down for a brissy catch up.
13:07:20 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Oh no – the blue screen of death 🙁
13:07:40 From Mia Clifton : Is anyone else struggling with c
13:07:53 From Mia Clifton : Connection?
13:08:02 From Lynda Coulson : Oh I needed a laugh today – that was great.
13:08:21 From Estelle Fallon : #FILTH!
13:09:36 From Heather Boyd : Ohh, I love that idea. #DataNerd
13:09:56 From Lynda Coulson : Love data.
13:10:19 From Kate Toon : Any questions pop in the chat and I’ll pose them to spence at the end
13:10:24 From Kate Toon : Me
13:10:26 From Rachel Amies : Me
13:10:30 From Louisa Ennis : yes
13:10:39 From Rachel Amies : Yes
13:10:39 From Kate Toon : yes I have
13:10:40 From Louisa Ennis : yes
13:10:41 From Lynda Coulson : Yep
13:14:03 From Mia Clifton : Super crackly connection for me, and Sarah sounds like a robot. I’ll have to catch the replay! X
13:19:02 From Erin Huckle : ewwww
13:19:10 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : agree Erin
13:19:16 From Amy Bailey : Very ewww
13:19:16 From Lynda Coulson : Eww is accurate
13:21:29 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : ok – mind blown for this – I can use this. Wow!
13:22:29 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : #Question – does this also work for Video content as well as blogs?
13:22:33 From Angela Pickett : Already thinking how I can plan my content
13:22:44 From Katrina Fox : #Question Do you have an example of one we can see online?
13:23:29 From Heather Boyd : #Question Is there a preferred/best practice number of cluster articles for each pillar?
13:23:40 From Diana Ioppolo : #Question you mentioned research for the Pillar topics – what kind of research would you suggest? Is this talking to people from the business and getting their intel, interviewing customers, or?
13:25:58 From Melissa Gerke : #Question do you sell this as a content strategy? How much would you charge for this?
13:26:52 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : #Question: Can the Cluster be a pillar as well? or am I getting ahead here?
13:27:48 From Lynda Coulson : Love this – planning things in my head.
13:34:35 From Shari : Well, this is certainly challenging what I wrote in the Wednesday Wellbeing post this morning 😂
13:34:52 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : 🤯
13:35:34 From Jacqui Sumner : This is a great strategy to define and outline your packages for your own marketing
13:36:16 From Kate Toon To Angela Pickett(privately) : hey, did we talk to Kat about my reuse recycle content preso for TCCS?
13:37:25 From Angela Pickett To Kate Toon(privately) : I think so. Are you thinking this covers it?
13:37:34 From Kate Toon To Angela Pickett(privately) : i think it’s very similar
13:37:37 From Kate Toon To Angela Pickett(privately) : so good to do
13:38:15 From Katrina Fox : #Question if someone else has already posted about how to get cat wee out of my mattress, what would you do? Change the headline slightly?
13:38:25 From Nicole Sergi : I love everything about this!
13:38:31 From Cathy Camera : Yes, Angela has done that effectively with her last blog post. I’ve noticed 🙂
13:38:51 From Angela Pickett : I’ve been trying to Cathy
13:39:07 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Ironically, this is exactly what I need to do with one of my clients, and this is helping me visually understand how to do this for him
13:39:27 From Cathy Camera : It has been amazing. I’ve been watching and think I have to do same. Must get myself into a content strategy mode. This is great Sarah!
13:40:08 From Estelle Fallon : So fabulous to know that I’ve always been a content strategist at heart!
13:40:11 From Diana Ioppolo : This is a fantastic framework to work with – love it
13:40:46 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : I think I as 60% there as a strategy plan, now this has made me realise how to push it to being 100% there for my clients
13:40:47 From Shari : I’ve just scribbled down my first pillar and it’s clusters. I finally feel like I have something to write about hahaha
13:40:54 From Heather Boyd : This has given me a really nice framework that I can explain to a client easily. So good!
13:41:55 From Lynda Coulson : Repurpose has been a buzz word for so long – this explains how to structure it and how to go about it and plan it out for 12 months! Thank you Sarah.
13:42:05 From Louisa Ennis : I love a good pattern (and a plan) – this is great, Sarah! I do work on strategy – and now I know what to call things! So sexy.
13:42:19 From Diana Ioppolo : Agree Louisa 🙂
13:43:03 From Amy Bailey : Agree Lynda. I’ve heard lots of talk about repurposing content, but it’s great to visualise it in this way.
13:45:09 From Melissa Gerke : #question would you provide a brief for each cluster?
13:45:24 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Question: Within your team Sarah, do you have someone that focuses on the strategy, and then someone to initiate and manage the strategy?
13:45:49 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : omg – good question Melissa
13:45:59 From Louisa Ennis : #QU Can I ask the age old question about content (aka blog) rates? Do you have much push back on keeping everything cheap-cheap? Or do you just work with the big guys to avoid this issue?
13:47:25 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Wow – this is increasing the customer’s Voice of Authority too
13:47:46 From Erin Huckle : I’ve noticed a few Content Copywriting Sourcebottle call outs recently 🙂
13:51:04 From Estelle Fallon : #question
13:51:29 From Estelle Fallon : #Question…cluster strategy per month to buy you tie to write the rest?
13:52:02 From Estelle Fallon : time 🤦🏻‍♀️
13:53:05 From Kate Toon : don’t understand that estelle?
13:53:57 From Louisa Ennis : Makes sense! Thanks Sarah!
13:54:26 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : #Question – How do you show how successful the strategy is? How do you show the analysis to the clients?
13:58:16 From Kristy Wright : Thanks Sarah. Great masterclass!
13:58:47 From Jacinta (Jay) Marshall | Purple Biz : Thank you so much Sarah. You have given me so much to think about for the current clients I have. And I really appreciate the time
13:59:54 From Heather Boyd : Fantastic masterclass, thanks so much Sarah and Kate.
14:00:19 From Shari : Awesome – thanks Sarah.
14:00:20 From Lynda Coulson : Thank you so much!!!
14:00:21 From Angela Pickett : Thanks Sarah
14:00:22 From Louisa Ennis : Brilliant!
14:00:29 From Amy Bailey : Thank you
14:00:35 From Louisa Ennis : Thanks !
14:00:36 From Jacqui Sumner : Thank you

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