Cherie Clonan is the Founding Director at The Digital Picnic (TDP).

She went from law school dropout to copywriter, to Accidental Strategist.

What may have started as a happy accident has developed into a deep love for all thing’s strategy.

Now she trains other businesses in Social Media Content Marketing.

For 2 weeks of 2014, Cherie was Australia’s Best SM Manager and has been running TDP for the last 6 years. TDP has trained more than 1500 businesses, but Cherie’s kids still think she’s a noob.

What Cherie will discuss:

  • How to understand the social media strategy behind Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Understanding the unchanging fundamentals of algorithms.
  • How to get into people’s news feeds (and how to stay there).
  • Stopping the scroll – why getting the user’s attention mid-scroll can pay off.
  • The three main factors that the algorithms prioritise: Affinity, Interaction, and Timeliness.
  • How often you should be posting, on what platform, and when.
  • How outreach strategies work.

Useful Tools:


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