:00 Welcome/Who is Amanda?

:06 Principles of pitching

:08 Pitching is just one way of sourcing work.

:09 Look at how other industries respond to posts in FB groups

:10 Pitfalls in pitching.

:11 Don’t be apologetic in your pitch. Clients want someone who can take charge.

:12 Free work

:14 Raise your profile in groups that aren’t copywriter groups.

:15 Myths in pitching.

18:30 Question from Kate about following up after you send a pitch.

:21:20 Lilani asks if Amanda uses a proposal software.

:21:40 Amanda uses Word or maybe Canva.

:22:00 How potential clients perceive fancy proposals.

:23:50 Pitching vs proposals.

:24 The initial email to get through the first step then the proposal.

:26:30 Kate offers to critique anyone’s pitch email.

:27 More myths around pitching – niching.

28:20 Myth: everyone’s shopping on price.

:33:20 Experience and enthusiasm (you need both).

:35 Sample email that landed Amanda a job.

:37 TCCS Job Board format as a guide. Don’t be afraid to add personality.

:38:20 Be yourself. It’s easier than putting on a front.

:39 The small job from the TCCS post turned into a bigger job $$$.

:39:40 USP as a business, USP as a person. There is something about you that makes you different than everyone else.

:36:50 Be yourself and you’ll find clients who aren’t just looking for a low price.

:37:40 Don’t agonise over pitches that were a longshot.

:38:00 How do we “show the pudding”?

:38:20 #1 Your Website

:41 Match samples and testimonials to the job.

:42 Show them your enthusiasm.

:47 Imposter syndrome vs poser syndrome.

:45:20 Know your client.

:46 Know your market.

:47 Be ready to do the job.

:48 Samples of pitches that weren’t great.

:49 Questions and comments.

:51 Adding costing in a pitch.

:52:30 Use playful language.

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