Managed my business as a ‘freelance copywriting’ gig in addition to being mum, primary carer, friend, sister, daughter etc. for five years. Had babies in that time and felt hesitant to even consider bigger projects because I only ever had ‘2-3 days/wk’ to work and – god forbid – what is my kids were sick or something else happened? I never wanted to overcommit because there was only me.

What’s changed?
My model, mindset, and marketing.

  • Model – after seeing it in action at an agency, and being encouraged by my friend/business coach, I decided to try sub-contractors. Suddenly it opened up my hours to effectively be unlimited. My model would be to scale up for each project as needed – bringing in the best people for each project and managing them to do the work. This had a huge impact on my…
  • Mindset – unlocking the time pressure issue meant suddenly I opened up my mind to any possibility. No matter how big the project would be, I’d be able to handle it as I’d get the best subs together to help make it happen. I’d run the strategy and then be the conductor of the project symphony. This change in mindset then gave rise to a change in my….
  • Marketing – the confidence that the mindset shift had given me meant I felt confident to market myself out there to my ideal client. First I did a lot of work to define who that was, and then got my marketing buzz on. Not via traditional channels (my website’s still a dogs-breakfast and doesn’t represent what I do really – Work in progress), but via my networks. I got in touch with people on LinkedIn that I had worked with previously at my ideal clients and I invested in relationships within TCCS to leverage any referrals.

Altogether, this cascade of pretty monumental shifts in my thinking resulted in 284% increase in revenue within six months.


  • Big chunky projects that I have been able to build and test out my processes on at scale
  • Meeting and building relationships with an amazing group of subcontractors
  • Increasing confidence – every project and client relationship is making me feel more confident (big help with Imposter Syndrome)
  • I’ve had to push myself to do things I actively avoided before – face to face meetings, phone interviews, smash out deadlines on no sleep


  • Managing the workflows for my subcontractors – both scaling up for each project and then managing changing dates while we’re in the middle of things
  • Managing my finances – working out the right amount to pay to get quality but still make money.
  • Managing feedback to subs – I still really struggle with finding the time to provide feedback which would help them and me in the long run; but things move so fast I often don’t circle back on this.


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