KT reminds us that the Press Release template is in the shop.

Kate Merryweather answers viewers questions about press releases:

Q. Which stories are worthy of press releases?
A. A press release is designed to be written in the style of a news article.
The hard thing about writing a press release is that it is not really news!

Q. When sending a press release to journos, what makes their life easier?
A. Exclusivity – target specific journos, their mag and the section, directly. (A cut and paste solution)

Q. Do you send to one, then wait to hear from them before sending to the next?
A. Set a top tier (60 minutes, the news, Sydney Morning Herald), then send to the rest later. Do a TV exclusive, a radio exclusive, a print exclusive.

Who, what, where, when, why in the first paragraph.
Put the info in the body of the email. Journos don’t like opening attachments.

Don’t get involved in distribution. It’s a thankless task!!

Clients will always want press releases. If they want to pay for them, we have to be able to write them.

Two questions for your clients: What do you want to say? What do people want to hear? What is your why?

Q. What is the difference between media release and media alert?
A. A media alert is targeting the ‘What’s On” pages in the media..

Q. What is a reasonable fee for a media release?
A. If you have all the info, it only takes a couple of hours to write – $250.
B. KT says: there is a perceived value (a higher perceived value than a blog post). She would charge $797 because she doesn’t like writing them.

Look at the pricing course. Average is $397 – $497.

The classic thing that makes news is conflict or a celebrity. If you can find the conflict, you can find the story.

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