D.P has written a book with co- author, Spencer S Smith: ROTOMA: The ROI of Social media ‘Top of Mind’.

Return on top of mind awareness – this is the most significant benefit of engaging social media.

LinkedIn is a good place to build up authority and trust. Most people on Linkedin have budgets.

DPK uses LinkedIn to demonstrate his writing and his expertise in whichever area (i.e. video creation).

The number of creatives who are active on LinkedIn is, percentage wise, very low. The real benefit of social media for a copywriter is that if you’re top of their mind, you’re the one who will get a call.

Copywriters need to share their tips and authority. Your audience is not other copywriters.

An insurance person has never heard the PAS acronym. If you are the one to share this concept, they will think you are brilliant.

Tip: Take Unselfish selfies – take photographs of people at the event. When DPK shines the light on them, there’s a reflection back on him. Highlight your clients and their success. It’s an advertisement for you and your services.

Tip: Introverts can do an unselfish selfie with a book someone’s book – highlighting them, tagging them, saying what you learnt.

Task: Connect with DPK on LinkedIn. He will accept your connection and interact with you.

DPK and KT discuss how to use Instagram.

Q. Frequency? Is there a limit?
A. DPK says 3 original posts per week is enough. Also share other people’s content (that you have created). You’re demonstrating your brand.

Tip: Spend time on the platform. Go and add value to other peoples’ comments/posts.

KT says: If you are yourself online, you will draw the right clients to you.

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