From Excel to Excellence: How to avoid the 5 most common mistakes freelancers make with their business finances with Oliver Garside.

With a background in software sales and customer success, Oliver joined Rounded in 2016 to assist with the launch of the MVP version of the app. 7 years later he’s still there and the company is going strong.

He’s the chief evangelist for the company, building content and commercial partnerships, regularly presenting to freelance groups and industry associations and he’s been instrumental in establishing Rounded as an ethical company, dedicated to supporting and advocating for Australia’s freelance and sole trader workforce.


Rounded is an all-in-one accounting and invoicing app for freelancers and sole traders. It lets you send quotes and invoices, track time and expenses, be ready for tax time and give you the confidence of knowing exactly how your business is doing at all times.

With an extensive blog, live chat support managed by real people, help videos, live webinars and a fully stocked library of useful material Rounded is the cornerstone of thousands of freelance businesses.

Rounded is cost-effective, easy to use built specifically for freelancers and sole traders.


During this masterclass Oliver will explore:

  1. The biggest obstacle that solo business owners face when managing their business finances
  2. The top 5 mistakes responsible for solo business owners losing time and money — when they don’t have to
  3. The myth and truth about using Spreadsheets and their impact on solo businesses
  4. The simple alternative that business owners can put into place in order to manage their tax and finances with ease and less stress
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