Rachel Amies helps service-based businesses create pawsome WordPress websites and write purrfect SEO-optimised words to boost business and build connections. Her up-to-the-minute knowledge and attention to detail leave her clients feline fine about their digital marketing.
In her spare time, Rachel enjoys blowing her trumpet (literally!), going to the gym, and doing crafts.

She was paid to play trumpet in The Buddy Holly Show in Hawkes Bay, NZ when I was working full-time at my first solicitor job. This is despite being a music performance school dropout.

In this Masterclass, Rachel will cover:

  • What’s a WordPress audit?
  • What’s website maintenance?
  • Why are website audits and maintenance important?
  • Issues I commonly find during WordPress audits and how should you maintain your WordPress site to avoid them?
  • Tips and tools you can use for maintaining your site
Categories: Copywriting, Marketing

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