Amy has been a ‘serial entrepreneur’ for over 30 years, including having run 7 different businesses.

She started a direct response agency but then moved into direct response and conversion copywriting.

She’s been a full-time copywriter for 10 years and now helps other copywriters build successful businesses.

Amy says – sales can be awkward and challenging. Reframe ‘sales’ to ‘providing solutions to a problem’. There is no shame – because when you sell, you’re ultimately helping someone.

Be proactive about building your business.

A sales funnel is incredibly important to get the right to generate a steady stream of clients, on autopilot.

Lead Magnets:

  • Need to be extremely valuable.
  • Preferably actionable.
  • Teach a new skill.
  • Needs to make them want to hire you – they learn enough to do it themselves, but it also shows them that they probably need an expert (aka you!).

Delivery of lead magnet requires:

  • Opt-in page + thank you page.
  • Delivery email.
  • Follow up email series (which can reiterate lead magnet steps) – minimum 7 emails.
  • A way to drive traffic to it.

With landing pages and sales pages – always write to the ‘State of Awareness’, rather than worrying about length.

State of Awareness:

  1. Don’t know they have a problem.
  2. Problem aware – but don’t know there is a solution.
  3. Problem aware – know a solution exists, but don’t know you can solve it.
  4. Problem aware – know about your solution.
  5. Problem aware – they want you to solve it.

To craft a lead magnet:

Choose a topic: Write the lead magnet your audience wants – not what you want to write about.

  • Know who you’re creating it for.
  • Don’t worry about giving away your best stuff for free – quality speaks volumes and creates more desire.
  • What problem does your lead magnet solve?
  • Must have a compelling title – that is benefit-driven.

The ‘Golden Rule’ of nurture emails is to always make sure you tell people their next step – with clear calls to action.

Kate suggests that checklists often work the best – and they’re quick and easy to create.

Plus – lots of questions answered, with plenty more genius tips.


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