Sophia explains that there’s a mindset piece, a positioning piece and a confidence piece, to the premium price charging puzzle.

Tip: Do the TCCS Pricing course.

Originally, Sophia was in a freelancer mindset, subcontracting to others. Then she changed her mindset to being a business owner, and started to focus on her ideal clients.

KT likens copywriting to dating – no one will ever want to date me/pay me for copywriting.
Attitude is everything so have a positive mindset.

Tip: Put your ‘starting from’ rates on your site and clients will enter the conversation knowing what to expect.

Positioning: how to position your services as premium
Low budget clients, middle clients, clients at the top (VIPs) who are prepared to pay good money to get you on board.

People want copy, but sometimes people NEED strategy and you can sell that.

Sophia does Zoom calls with every client to encourage a deeper connection and uses booking software so that whoever she’s working with finds it easy to meet with her.

She doesn’t just send copy anymore, she presents it over Zoom.

She got support (a VA, an online business management team, an editor/proofreader.)

Offer productised services. A contained package of services. Day rates, half day rates, copy reviews.

Q. How does the client know what to expect during an hour/half day/full day? Sophia usually offers this to existing clients – it’s set out on her website.

KT wants everyone to create packages, move away from an hourly rate.

Confidence: a few confidence and pricing hacks to get you over the line…

  • Be prepared to say no, on every call. You interview the client, don’t let them have the power.
  • Polarity pricing: two options for how clients can work with you. i.e. day rate versus large package. It makes the client focus on what you have to offer them.
  • Treat your clients like VIPs and they will act accordingly.
  • Create a Cheat Sheet of Awesomeness: list your achievements and great testimonials. Have it next to you when on client calls, etc, to boost your confidence.
  • Continue to invest in yourself – professional development helps you to grow your expertise and your business.

See Sophia’s Blog post about all the tools she uses.
Sophia’s blog!

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